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Bronze boss x Phx Sunless Aprés Spray

Does your spray tan smell? Not anymore! Phx Sunless and Bronze boss have collaborated to bring you the first and ORIGINAL Post Tan Hydrator. Spray this baby onto your skin 2 minutes after a spray tan (or self tanning sesh) to minimize the dreaded after tan smell, hydrate your freshly sprayed skin, and MAXIMIZE the length of your bronzed bod. Day 2-3 brought back the smell? just keep applying it once a day everyday. Light spray everywhere (including underarms) and you'll be fresh as new. I'm telling you this is a LIFESAVER and let's be honest a relationship saver. Every boyfriend and husband in America will be thankful for the Bronze Boss Aprés Spray.


Profession artists - It's recommended to put the Aprés Spray into an HLVP gun and spray less than 1/4 ounce onto the body post spray tan session. Most artists charge between $5-$10 extra for this treatment


Spray tan Besties - Lightly spritz the Aprés Spray after your spray tan session with your favorite artist. Or apply at home after your favorite self tanner. Repeat as necessary. Slide into our DM's if you need assistance.

XOX, Your resident Spray Tan Experts

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